Angur Soundproofing curtains-Custom sizes

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  • Density 820g / m Double layer: 1640g /m
  • Thickness 2.5mm Double layer: 5mm
  • 20dB sound absorption

Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel: You don’t have to worry about coronavirus! 

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Dimension: 140cm wide

Price: 1 running meter: 39 EUR

Duplex stitched Price: 1 running meter: 78EUR, 5mm thick

Of course, prices include the sewing of the curtains !
Request a custom dimensions via email.

The back side of the ANGUR  soundproof curtains is black but the back of the light-coloured curtains is white!

Soundproofing curtains features:

As an accessory to the Perfect Acoustic acoustic panels, the Angur Duplex Layer Acoustic Curtains are the perfect choice! We recommend it for the perfect room acoustics, office acoustics and studio acoustics thanks to its perfect sound attenuating and damping properties. The Angur soundproof curtains are usually available in 9 shades of colour, you certainly find one that fits perfectly the acoustic panels, acoustic diffusers!

We give a 2-month money back guarantee on all our products!

If you are not satisfied with the purchased product, you can return the product without giving a reason within 60 days of receiving it.

The back side of the Angur curtains is black, but the back of the light-coloured curtains is white!

curtain back is black, but the light curtains are white felt material

  • Made of not readily flammable material
  • Machine washable
  • Gently, soft touch
  • Made of durable non-stretch fabric
  • Composition 50% PES- 50% cotton
  • Density 820g / m Double layer: 1640/m
  • Width 140cm
  • Abrasion / Martindale Test (EN ISO 1294-2) 90,000
  • Bumping 4-5 (EN ISO 1295-2)
  • Colour abrasion resistance (EN ISO 105-B02) 4-5
  • Thickness 2.5mm. Duplicate layer: 5mm
  • 20-30dB sound absorption
  • 80% darkening, duplex fabric 99%

angur -Wide range of colors, even custom size production.

Sound curtain parameters:

The width of the Angur curtain is 140cm. The length of it is tailored to the customer’s request! If you want a wider curtain, we always make it  from 140-140 pieces , sewn together lengthwise! This longitudinal seam is barely visible, because it can be hidden in the waves of the curtain.  For individual sizes and orders, please send an e-mail!

As usual for curtains, the curtains should be wider twice than the windows.But if you want even better acoustics, thus even more efficient sound absorption, then two and the half times the measure is the most appropriate! It is important that it is both aesthetic and effective!

Careful planning and accurate measurement are not negligible! Be sure to do this in order for  your acoustic curtain fits perfectly into the room and function properly! Whether it is a home or a studio, the beneficial effect will not last long!


There are countless possibilities to grasp, whether tweezers, cornice hoods or curtain pullers!
Please indicate your individual needs by e-mail! If you want a ring (ringli) solution, it comes at an extra cost!

curtain-Wide range of colors, even custom size production.


In the clip “traditional” solution, we wrap the materials around! This way, it can be easily applied with tweezers! We cannot add tweezers to our products! You have to pay close attention to the strength of the tweezers because our curtains are heavy and dense so not all tweezers can handle it. It is also worth checking the load capacity of curtain cornices, because it can also bend under heavy load.

The through hole, the hole formed at the top of the materials, through which the cornice can be easily inserted!
In this case, larger and longer fabric sizes must be taken into account. A + 10cm fold back is usually enough.

But what is a ringli?


A ring is a metal or plastic hoop “ring” that is formed on top of the fabric. We work with a plastic industrial ring, which is very strong and aesthetic. The inner diameter of the hoop is 40mm. With the help of the ringli, the cornice can be easily hidden. Ringli is used in several areas, including curtains. It consists of two parts, which are “compressed” to ensure that it remains stable on the product after application. Hoop pressure and load capacity 150Kg / hoop. Ringli hoop + cost. 1 EUR / cup. The hoops are repeated every 20cm.

If you want a curtain pull and a hook mount:

curtain back is black, but the light curtains are white felt material

The curtain puller is sewn to the top of the fabric, so the curtain can also be used for cornices where there is a hook mount! The retractor is an extra cost!

Usually 1m / 3 EUR

We hope you find the one that is most ideal for you! This way, (wherever you use it) your everyday life will be calmer and more efficient! Remember that these curtains should not be confused with the traditional curtains. The acoustic curtains are made of much denser, heavier dual layer fabrics. The use of these special fabrics also increases the effiency of the acoustic curtains.

You can experience that our soundproof curtains have several beneficial effects! Thus, they can be used in homes, offices, workplaces, where the goal is to silence the room and reduce echo. This solution is especially recommended in downtown apartments, where the infiltrating noise can be annoying! It is also very practical to reduce the noise of employees in offices and workplaces. This can even be done with a room dividing curtain.

Moreover, use of our blackout curtains is a very practical solution because they have multiple application ways.! They can be used as a room divider if you required,  but if you want the room or office can be reconnected in one go ! But of course they can also be used in studios and hi-fi cinemas. The goal in these places is to create the perfect sound! Our acoustic curtains absorb unwanted high tones, so the coveted sound can be achieved with other Perfect Acoustic products !!!

Think of every opportunity to find the right one for you!

Sound control and absorption:

We come across many studios or hi-fi and cinema rooms during acoustic measurements where there are huge window surfaces. These surfaces are very acoustically difficult to handle. Without curtains, it would be an impossible mission. Fortunately, we have an easier job with the soundproof curtain already available from us.

Since all our sound damping curtains are made of very dense materials with a minimum of two layers, they can handle both medium-deep and high-pitched sounds very well. Due to their thickness, it filters light 100%. So it can even be used to darken a cinema room. For those who do not like  total darkness, it is not necessary to darken the room completely, because if we tighten it to a thickness of only half a meter, it still has excellent sound attenuation.

Soothes when the curtain is pulled together,

Yes of course. Very effectively. This is to be thought of as multiplying its density in relation to the thickness of the pulled-out curtain as that vast material is concentrated in one place. Another best application is to order the material for windows with larger surfaces so that it goes from the edge of the windows to the edge of the windows. So if you have up to 4-5 windows on one side for a larger area, the minimum is 4-5 stiffeners on that side. In this case, a shorter curtain can go for each brace,  so 4-5 curtains half a meter wide and up to 3 m high come together. If we calculate the measure of this area, we will get that 7.5m2. If an acoustic panel is 0.7m2 on average, it is as if we have bought 10 sound deadening panels and placed them in front of the windows. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Calculation of the dimension of the sound-absorbing curtain:

The width of the curtains is 140 cm, the edge should be added and on each side about 2-2 cm. If you want a sound insulation curtain with a hood, you have to count on about 6-8 cm at the top! All of these need to be calculated so that the soundproof curtain not only improves the acoustics, but even makes them aesthetically pleasing! Because the primary goal is to improve room acoustics, studio acoustics and office acoustics, but let’s not forget about the whole picture either!

Unfortunately, due to the individual sizes, we are unable to take back the curtains! Therefore, think carefully about patterns and colours.

Angur acoustic curtains can be a great choice! Perfect Acoustic products are e.g. the perfect sound can be created by beneficially supplementing acoustic panels, diffusers, bass traps!

We wouldn’t even believe how much the environment around us affects our mood and performance. If we are constantly exposed to sound effects, our brains cannot rest, so we get tired unnoticed. We can experience this at work or even at home. In our modern world, it is surrounded by countless noises. We can even muffle these unwanted sounds with a soundproof curtain! This is the easiest, fastest solution! So placing a soundproof curtain in the room not only decorates it but also has a beneficial effect on our daily lives! Our customers can choose from several colours, so you can find the one that suits your style and taste.

In our noisy, busy world, we face many problems and difficulties these days, which can lead to stressful, tense nervous conditions. European and American people, according to surveys, are exposed to higher levels of noise from year to year. Bobbery and noise disturb the peace of our house, make it difficult to rest or sleep at night. It is worth buying a blackout curtain for the bedroom, for sound insulation and thermal insulation purposes. Insulation of house is usually not enough. Insulation of sounds coming through wall, ceiling or floor and noise reduction ensures a quiet environment.

Soundproof curtains provide an effective solution for sound insulation. In addition to the noise reduction properties of the soundproof curtains, also they have thermal insulation and blackout capabilities. Soundproof curtains placed in front of windows have several benefits. In addition to sound insulation, they are also suitable for heat insulation, on account of which we can save energy and achieve a reduction in the heating bill. By buying blackout curtains, you can block light and heat. Soundproof curtains are also extremely effective as blackout curtains. By blocking the light, it is an ideal addition to cinemas or even the bedroom. In the case of home cinemas and studios, the reverberation time is decisive.

Soundproof curtains help to create optimal acoustics. Be sure to measure the correct dimensions of the blackout curtains accurately, otherwise the insulation and reduction will not be complete. The most popular blackout curtain lengths from ceiling to floor. Installing soundproof curtains is quick and easy. Do not search further for your blackout curtain , we offer a wide range of soundproof curtains on our website, in the acoustic curtain menu. Delivery of the soundproof curtains is cheap and quick.

If you want to block tones, porous, flexible and densely textured materials are best suited for treating the wall and glass surface. Don’t waste your time on materials that aren’t suitable for blocking sound, heat and light! Place acoustic panels on the wall and acoustic drapes in front of the windows. Small rooms usually have more acoustic problems. In the elegant salons of the elegant castles and villas, thick velvet curtains were used to block light and sound. The velvet materials are an aesthetic and elegant addition to the interiors. Always measure the dimensions of the curtains accurately! Contact us by email about the delivery!


(+/- 30 % weight deviation possible !)

Additional information

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700, 701, 702, 703, 705, 706, 713, 715


140x200cm, 140x200cm double curtains, 140x250cm, 140x250cm double curtains, 140x300cm, 140x300cm double curtains, 140x350cm, 140x350cm double curtains, 140x400cm, 140x400cm double curtains

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  1. Mohamed

    Ever since I bought the room is much quieter. The echo is gone.

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  1. Answered by the admin

    The length of the 2-piece 140cm curtain will be sewn together. In fact, if you want, it costs 280cm as much as 260cm. That way you don't have to cut it. Sound absorption will also be better. The more the material, the greater its sound absorption capacity.

  2. Answered by the admin


    These names are because everyone is looking for them under a different name. But their purpose and quality are the same. We offer the best for you: Brazio, Brava, Ditto, Angur, Pike.
    Each curtain is made of 2 layers. But two more curtains can be sewn together for better sound absorption.
    It is always worth taking a double the size of the window in width. If your window is 260cm, it is worth wearing a 520cm curtain.
    Taken in two: 2pcs 260cm curtains.


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