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We can even print your own photo on the wall art panels, you only need to send our shop by e-mail.
We can produce custom sizes as well.

Size:130x64x11cm  Weight:11kg

Size:104x64x11cm  Weight:9kg

Size:104x64x6cm  Weight:6kg

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Properties of the wall art panels with photo:

Our printed  panels -available in our shop- contain 90kg/m3 acoustic wool into a sturdy wood construction.
The acoustic wool is developed especially for this purpose thus it is non-toxic.
The surface of the decor panels is covered with acoustic velvet which also protects against dust emission.
Broadband Sound absorbing panels is needed in those places where the reverberation time (echo) is higher than the reference level. You can find these elements in our shop.

The back of our photo panels is pre-drilled, the enclosed hooks must be screwed in order to facilitate the mounting.

For our printed panels you can choose from 50 photos displayed in our catalogue page. These prints can be beautiful items of decor for yor living room or office interior. The wall art panels of our shop can be nice décor item for your home, or a gift.
We can even print your own photo on the wall art panels, you only need to send us by e-mail.
We can produce custom sizes as well.
The color of the wall art panels won’t get faded as time passes.

In stock:


Wipe it with slightly wet cloth.

Foldable wooden legs are also available on request

Available with 8mm wooden frame, natural pine or painted colours.

The  sound absorption capabilities of our printed acoustical panels of our shop,are identical to our classic broadband absorber.

broadband acoustic panel

Installation of the wall tiles:

A little more detail:

The internal composition of photo panels is completely the same as that of broadband absorber.

internal structure of acoustic absorber

internal structure of acoustic absorber

We used high density acoustic wool inside the bolted and glued hard wood frame. The acoustic wool is developed especially for this purpose thus it is non-toxic. Thanks to the cotton content, the décor tiles absorb a large amount of sound.

We covered the acoustic wool with high density silk which prevents dust emission.We place the printed acoustic material on that which we made by high pressure screen printing.The advantage of screen printing is that the colouring matter gets only inside the fabric as a result of pressing thus the surface remains breathable.

Why do we need breathable surface for broadband acoustic absorbers?

Because the easier the air gets through the acoustic silk the more efficient and the wider spectrum it will be able to absorb the audio frequencies.That is why the broadband  panels are capable of absorbing the sound from 40Hz to 20000Hz.

It is true that Perfect Acoustic seeks to comply with the “principle of absorbing more bass” but of course, we must deal also with high frequencies.

Quality of printed acoustic silk:

– the print is photo quality
– the acoustic silk is a flexible, elastic material
– it resists small impacts
– it can be wiped with a slightly wet, soft cloth
– its colouring does not wear off or fade over time

What can we print on Sound absorbing panels?

You can choose from over 50 quality photos for the décor tiles on the  web page of our shop.

Six types from these are regularly in stock of our shop:

in sizes 130x64x11cm and 104x64x6cm.

If these do not suit your taste you can choose from tens of thousands of quality photos via the link below. You can choose an abstract, grey or  black and white set.  It is important to download the best quality. If you search for photos it is advisable to go above 4K quality.


A lot of people make the mistake of downloading photos in poor quality. These photos of low resolution may look fine on a phone or a smaller monitor but they will be vague on an acoustical panels of 130 cm or even bigger.

It is advisable to open the picture on the monitor and magnify it as much as possible and send it only if the quality is still good.

Shall we cut the photo?

People often send photos of very good quality for acoustic absorber but if they want a portrait orientation from a landscape orientation then a significant part must be cut off. The photo will lose a significant part of its size and resolution with cutting. In this case the picture will always be vague and pixilated.
Therefore, you should send portrait photo for the portrait orientation and landscape photo for the landscape orientation.

The other issue is printing photos on its side:

If there is an intensive and big size theme on a photo, which almost reaches the edge of the picture then it will not be a good idea to fold a hand or head or anything important on the side of the printed  panel.

In this case we make a frame of uniform colouring with Photoshop and this part will be placed on the side and back of the Sound absorbing panel.When we make a printed acoustic panels we should focus not only on the front side but also on its side and back where we fix the photo to the wooden frame.

Regarding the size, if we buy a panels of 130x64x11cm a photo of 130x64cm is not big enough, we must print a photo of 156x90cm.

Mounting of the acoustic elements:

We provide each of our broadband absorber of our shop with pre-drilled holes and we give hook bolts which you can easily screw there in.
We can hang the tiles with this hook onto the other hook drilled in the wall as if we hung a photo or an art, abstract picture.

Where should we place the  panels to achieve the best sounding?

We choose printed sound absorber mainly because of their design. Therefore, not always these panels get to the main reflection points.We should possibly cover the primary reflection points.

Where can we find these?

  • behind the loudspeakers, a little further in
  • on the right and left side, in front of the loudspeaker
  • on the ceiling: in the midpoint of the loudspeaker and the listening position
  • behind us on the left and right side.
    (This applies of course only for rectangular rooms.)

What if other acoustic panels but not a printed acoustical panels
is designed in an acoustic plan?

In this case it will absorb a large amount of high frequencies than a diffuser face plate panel or a membrane acoustical panels
.You must decide which one to sacrifice. The evenness of the sound or the design.

If you must convince your wife the printed acoustical panels
will be the winner. You can an abstract style or classic art set as a gift or even display it in your home. Placed on white walls or set on the floor, the wall panels that can be ordered on the page of our shop beautify the apartment, and they are also suitable for absorbing large amount of noise.

Panel wall decor

These prints can be beautiful items of decor for your living room or office interior.  Modern, contemporary art prints hung on the wall of your living room or office bring beautiful beauty to your life as home accessories. You can place the art tiles hanging on the wall, but you can also set them on the floor. The art canvas panel wall is sound absorbing and sound insulating.

Hard, flat reflective surfaces, such as tiles, collect large amounts of deep tone, causing echoes. There are many options for improving acoustics. Poor quality panels made with DIY methods do not bring positive results and are even ugly.

The most important policies of our company in the production of panel, wall decor: efficiency, quality and aesthetics!

If you have any questions about wall decor accessories,  or delivery, please contact our customer service!

We suggest the acoustic panels with family photo to defeat the “wife acceptance factor”. 🙂

Colouring deviation is possible. The same shades may not look like on your monitor. We cannot take responsibility for the resulting problems!

Additional information

Weight 13 kg

104x64x11cm, 104x64x6cm, 130x64x11cm


12, 19, 29, 4, 46, 51, 52, 56, 57, 58, Custom photo request. + 22 EUR. Select below.

5 reviews for Wall art panels

  1. Kees

    very good panel, and the print is excellent. Thanks Robert

    • admin

      Thank you !!!

  2. Kornél

    Finally, today the last 2 acoustic panels were also placed on the wall! Then came the test …
    I didn’t expect this: the bottom was so clear, resp. for this reason, the other ranges also seem to listen to other songs during the test. It turns out that I’ve heard highlights of the room in many songs before. So this is why listening is not tiring. The dynamics and the size of the stage have also improved and increased. The sound got a lot drier, but I’ll just get used to it. Audiophile recordings sound like dirt, bad recordings have gotten worse than before, but that’s normal. I used to notice a kind of “stage twist” sometimes, now it’s completely gone, too.
    What if I even filled the ceiling with the proposed acoustic elements?
    In summary, all my appreciation and thank you very much for your help. This is the level I wouldn’t have gotten with the guerrilla method (of course, I still guerrillaed the polar front bass traps last week, it also improved the sound image, but the improvement right now is huge).
    It was not unknown to me that in vain we have excellent components, if the acoustics are not good enough, it will be the weak link. After a while, I suspected that there was still room for improvement that would not work on its own, so I turned to you.
    Thank you very much again for your help, God bless you!

    • admin

      Thank you for your satisfaction with the work. That’s why I considered online acoustic measurement important. Without it, it’s harder to get the most out of the room and unnecessarily buy all sorts of acoustic absorbers or diffusers. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

  3. Andreas

    Does the job and looks great. A real eye-catcher! Thanks a lot

  4. Adrian-Bogdan G.

    I am very happy with the product, it really improved a lot on the acoustics! 🙂

  5. Jaroslav H.

    The panels arrived packed in two carton boxes, so there was no chance for any damage due to transport. They look nice on the wall and no one would thing that they are there mainly for acoustic reasons. The quality of the sound improved once they were installed on the walls. Perfect solution to living rooms. I recommend it to everyone.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Jaroslav H.
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