Hard wood log acoustic diffusers (Oak wood)

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Quality sound with wood acoustic diffusers or sound diffuser

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wood acoustic diffusers

We can produce custom sizes as well.

Size:115x50x10cm  Weight:16kg

Size:60x60x10cm  Weight:9kg

The properties of  hard wood log oak acoustic diffusers:

This is the most beautiful  acoustic diffusers.
The vanes of the acoustic diffuser have an elevation of 2-10cm.
Log diffusers are made of walnut and alder wood.
With their design we tried to achieve that it wood diffuses the sound in the largest bandwidth.
We recommend to use it in a sophisticated ambience.

Colours and patterns:

Made of alder or black walnut hardwood. With or also without stain.
The stain is a natural oil which – after drying – highlights the veins and intensifies the colour of the hardwood.

Acoustic diffuser Cleaning:

Wipe it with slightly wet cloth.
What is it good for and where to place it? You can get an answer to it in this article.

use of acoustic diffusers behind the speakers (3) -The properties of  hard wood log oak acoustic diffusers:

In which area this wood acoustic diffusers betters other products?

We tried to create such an acoustic panel by which we can treat the entire bandwidth without damaging the high frequencies
We always put great emphasis on the use of materials.
Styrofoam, xps, foam etc. are not suitable for scattering the sound in the entire frequency range.


Our diffuser is in stock only in light colour.


Additional information

Weight N/A

painted, natural


115x50x10cm, 60x60x10cm

10 reviews for Hard wood log acoustic diffusers (Oak wood)

  1. Bala

    Fits nicely into our apartment

  2. Zola

    Legjobb ár érték arányú akusztikai panel.

  3. Eva

    Best price value acoustic panel!!!

  4. Ziba

    Great product

  5. Eduárd


  6. Anna

    It came yesterday.Very good quality.Hard enough 🙂

  7. Betta

    Ich habe darum gebeten gemalt und es hat ein sehr schönes Design. Ich habe es schnell verstanden. In 3 Tagen. Jetzt die Dekoration der Wohnung.

  8. Ichbin

    Großes Qualitätsprodukt. Toller Kundenservice. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit meiner Bestellung und werde in Zukunft definitiv wieder Kunde sein.

  9. Davida

    Great creative product, great value for the price, handmade, you can’t beat that. Definitely would recommend this item.

  10. eliza20

    Bonjour! Panneaux de haute qualité, faits à la main. Livraison rapide, bonnes matières premières. Je vais commander dans le futur! Merci Perfect Acoustic

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