Sometimes a little retreat and silence is also important for those who do not live alone but share their home with roommates or family members. Everyone needs solitude and peace. How to ensure peace and quiet? By soundproofing the doors and windows next to the walls.

Effective sound insulation depends on the sound source and the level of noise

The quiet range includes, for example, ticking the clocks, the normal range for listening to the radio, or watching TV at normal volume. The sound of a vacuum cleaner or a noisy street can be a nuisance, and the sound of a circular saw, for example, can be a nuisance. Activities that can be in a disturbing range are especially considered sources of frustration if someone wants to relax in the other room or is in the middle of an online meeting. When you don’t want to hustle and bustle, it’s easier to provide the peace and quiet you want if both your doors and windows are soundproofed. Many people mistakenly believe that walls with sound insulation alone are sufficient, but this is far from the case.


In order for there to be real silence in the room, special attention must be paid to the sound insulation of the doors and windows, as the doors and windows are much easier to pass through than the walls – of course, only if they are not soundproofed. Effective sound insulation depends on the sound source and the level of noise.

Sound insulation is a key issue in busy places

As already mentioned, in addition to soundproofing the wall surfaces of the room, do not forget about the doors and windows. The latter need to be soundproofed separately in order for the end result to be truly ideal. In the case of doors, sound insulation must also be provided for the door leaf and the case-door interface. Windows can also be retrofitted with glass. Soundproofing windows is especially needed if you are in a very busy location next to a property, such as a railroad or main road. In the case of a downtown apartment, it can easily happen that cars and public transport come and go in front of the window. This, of course, makes it significantly more difficult to relax without a soundproofed window. Continuous noise exposure has a negative effect on health in the long run, as it significantly impairs the quality of sleep. An environment free of noise, echoes and vibrations not only contributes to relaxation but also to efficient work. So soundproof doors and windows help to overcome noise problems.

It is also worth dealing with the acoustics of the room


In order to reduce the infiltration noise, the closing of the doors and the condition of the sealing rubbers must also be checked by a specialist. The seal is considered to be adequate if it is sufficiently flexible and runs completely around the doors and windows. In addition, it is recommended to deal with the acoustics of the room, as audio equipment can only provide the best sound if the acoustics of the room are adequate. This is especially important for the cinema room as well as the living room and studio room. As a first step, measurements are always taken, after which the necessary acoustic panels are selected and placed. As a result, the sound in the room can be significantly improved. Failure to place the appropriate acoustic panels can result in problems such as reverberation, echo, and high-pitch attenuation. Acoustic panels are now available in a variety of designs and colors, so they can be easily adapted to the style of your home environment.

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