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Use of partition curtains!

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Muting the sounds of the environment is a common need, but can sometimes seem difficult to solve. This can be a problem especially when a room needs to have multiple functions and different activities can interfere with each other. Of course, like almost everything, there are solutions that can be used today, but sometimes there is only one quick and as cost-effective method as possible. Fortunately, there is one, namely the sound-absorbing blackout curtain

What is a partition curtain?

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In fact, it is nothing more than a high-density textile that does not reflect but absorbs sounds. One has to imagine a large, thick blackout curtain that can effectively muffle sounds from both sides – even to the point where we can completely rule them out. With the help of the acoustic blackout curtain, it is easier for us to create a calm and quiet environment where we can concentrate properly on our task.

These curtains are made of special materials specially developed for this purpose. It is not enough to have any densely woven fabric because we will not be able to achieve the same effect with it.

Noise is the most common by-product of our modern world


Sometimes we don’t even realize how much noise surrounds us just when we want to focus on something. Suddenly, your neighbor’s lawnmower, electric bell, ambulance siren, car noise, a colleague at the next table’s desk, the roar of a coffee machine, etc. become very annoying. In fact, we are never completely silent, almost constantly accompanied by different voices in our lives.

These extra noises are usually imperceptible because our ears get used to it, we don’t even seem to hear them. At the same time, they can interfere with concentration and relaxation. A room-dividing curtain can help us filter out these so-called quiet zones where we can finally hear our own thoughts.

Use door curtains against infiltrating sounds?

Virtually anywhere where infiltrating sounds are disturbing:

  • At home, as a room divider: many smaller apartments have a living room and a bedroom in one space, which is problematic if one does not live alone and one is relaxing, the other is working or just watching TV. For example, a mesh corner separated by an acoustic curtain can create a quiet corner where you can sleep peacefully. But it can also be a good solution if you need to turn the living room into a work area and don’t want to be disturbed by the infiltrating sounds at work.
  • To create a quiet room: while still staying at home, a room where the noise of the street and the sounds of the rest of the apartment can be ruled out can come in handy. This may be necessary either for work or to ensure the right quality of rest. With the use of partition curtains, this wish can be easily fulfilled.
  • In offices where outside sounds are distracting: we’ve already mentioned that even if one were concentrating, even the tiniest nesses are often distracting, such as a colleague calling 2 tables away, hitting a keyboard, a coffee machine, and so on. If this is the case, it may be worthwhile to use special curtains in the office as well.
  • In special places: such as theaters, studios where silence is important. In the theater, behind-the-scenes sounds cannot be filtered through, and in the case of studios, no background noise can be filtered into the recordings.

Partitioning with curtains is easier:


Door curtains can quickly solve the inconvenience and problems caused by infiltrating noises. They can act as a room divider, but those living in louder places can also act as sound absorbers for windows.

With a variety of colors and patterns available, there’s no need to worry about aesthetics either. Sound-absorbing curtains can be a special decoration of the apartment, they fit perfectly into the overall picture, so we can hit up to two birds in one fell swoop: we can have a quiet, yet design home.

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